a cute and stupid doll

May 28, 2011

long time no see..
after a few times, stuck in TA!!

A week ago, I deactivated my FB account. I just felt uneasy because I didnt feel like doing any interesting when I opened my FB account. Actually, I felt wasting time. So, I'll try to more focus in blogging. And, I'll try to type in English even though my written english is bad T_T. *because the deal I made with ryan, so if I got punished I already have the article in English to give him.

Tonight, I just googling and found something that made me interested. You know a lot of girls out there, they like Cows' character. And I found a cute and stupid doll, like this :

When you see that look, I guess you will laugh and feel annoyed with that face. You want to hit the head. hahahaaaa
If you mad at someone, just look at that face. Imagine that doll is your someone that makes you mad. And I assure it can make your anger gone a little. Try!

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