Endless Story #4 It's just a place for sleeping

By Niken Andriani - Sep 12, 2021

Your cheap flight ticket is on your hands now. I said cheap because we usually book the flight months before the trip. The next thing to do is planning your trip. Sometimes, creating itinerary is so much fun that you'll be more excited even before going to your destination trip. Thus booking your lodging is one of the trip plan. 

Endless Story #3 Eat Local and Like a Local

By Niken Andriani - Aug 11, 2021

I'm not really into culinary when traveling because of the budget. The higher the cost of living of a country, the more I will try to tighten the budget by cooking our meals. But occasionally I try some local foods to satisfy my curiosity.  

Endless Story #2 Capturing the Time

By Niken Andriani - Aug 8, 2021

I started to love exploring places when joining URAL, an extracurricular activity in my senior high school focusing on nature and environmentalist. As time goes by, I love taking photos of places I visited as well. At first, it is just to record the detail of the trip. Taking photo is much easier and quicker than writing down the information we get while we explored.

Endless Story #1 Everything Starts From the Airport

By Niken Andriani - Aug 6, 2021

Airport, terminal and train station will be the starting line before we travel. Maybe they are just stopover places and we don’t take photos of them. For example, KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I’ve been there many times as a stopover before continuing to other destination countries (I am Air Asia cheap flight hunter). There is no special feeling for this place other than as a stopover.

11 hours of transit in KLIA before continuing the flight to Amsterdam (2016)

Endless Story #0 Prologue

By Niken Andriani - Jul 28, 2021

Empat hari ini senyum melebar tertampak di wajah saya. Ada perasaan campur aduk, seperti sedang melakukan long trip ke sebuah kota atau negara. Padahal saya hanya di rumah saja, duduk di kursi atau rebahan di kasur sambil menatap layar yang hanya berukuran sebesar 11 inch. Lalu apa yang membuat rasa kangen traveling ini terobati hanya dengan menatap layar laptop? Tentu saja karena menonton film!

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