3 years and still counting

Nov 26, 2017

By the side of Kamo river I'm missing you.
It's really cold and I need your hugs so much!
I left home for more than a week. Leaving my partner (rather than a husband, i prefer this way to call him) to reach my another dream —traveling to Japan in Autumn. I didn't feel sad at all, because when I booked the ticket one year ago I already decided to go with my travel mate, Nisa. And this is the third time we are separated to travel by our selves (after we married).
The funny thing is when I was in Japan, I almost forget him! Every night he did try to video call me, but I always ignore it because I'm tired (gomen ne Bro, hehe). It's just because I was too excited to be there. I did remember and miss him on the last day, when I sat on the side of Kamo river (I'm a melancholic).

Three days after I came back home is the day of our third anniversary. We don't have any good plan to celebrate it because he is too busy with work and I'm still tired and have a common post travel sickness called jet lag. Our first anniv is still the best and second anniv is very ordinary. And this time, we only eating out at an average seafood restaurant then sitting in cafe while listening the CDs I gave him as a gift. Yep, I gave him the CDs I bought from random street performance while in Japan. 

We're not talk much because he is seriously listening (using earphone). We did talk side by side while we're walking from the station to the restaurant, which is one kilometer away. It's just as simple as that, not really romantic eh? I did sad because he doesn't have time to prepare gift for me. And today, he did gave me a gift (although it's late). A garlic press! (a tool that I really need in the kitchen). Ah I remember, last year, he gave me a master knife block set. Thanks for adoring my cooking skill.

Just because you're married, it doesn't mean you have to make your partner happy. 
Who can make anyone else happy? The best thing you can do is to not be in the way of others.

Thanks for understanding me. Many people can't believe you let me go without complaining. It's because we believe each others. Let's begin our 4th year with big dreams!

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