English Writing Challenge

May 28, 2021

After getting two courses of travel writing from Trinity, one month ago, I decided to take an English writing course at LBI UI. The reasons are I want to be better on writing English and to create a good travel journal in English, especially for destinations in Indonesia. In this time of pandemic, I believe we cannot travel overseas and can only visit domestic places. 

I took general English course since junior to senior high school and English conversation course in college. I was confident in writing in English, but then lost confidence when started reading my friend's journal in English. I needed a courage to start writing in English and thought getting an English writing course will build up my confidence again. 

When it's time to register the English course (on the last day of registration), I was confused and started asking my self, why should I take this course? I couldn't find the answer then asked Diny, my travel mate, to shared my confusion and asked her to give me enlightenment. Diny always asked me back, then she explained me very well whether or not should I take the course.

1. The course will be held online. It'll make a really great difference instead of face to face.

2. The tutor's reputation. You have to at least know which and how the tutor's way of teaching.

3. The tuition fee. Is it really worth the price? There are other alternative English courses you can find online such as Coursera, Udemy, etc.

4. Google Translate. Nowadays Google Translate is smarter than before. We can use it for learning. 

Diny gave me insights on how to improve my writing skills without taking an expensive course. First, I have to exercise in writing English more often. The more you do, the better you are. I also have to read many books or blogs to increase the idea and vocabularies. I can also using thesaurus as a dictionary book. At the end of our conversation, I decided not to take the English course. And then impulsively Diny invited me to take a writing challenge. Every Friday we'll share our English writing and brainstorming. it is really a good idea and I like it. 

A week has passed. Today is Friday. But, I am busy with my work and Diny is on leave and go to Bogor Botanical Garden. I already wrote travel journal in English and stuck at the fifth paragraph. I asked Diny to postpone our online meeting tonight. She agreed. We didn't have time to catch up and decided to take an online meet up tomorrow. I wish we will keep our promised. Hahaha. For our first challenge, how about I take this writing instead of my travel writing, Din? :p

Reference: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


  1. Hi Niken. Too bad you didn't take the course but joining a writing challenge is another brilliant idea since it cost you zero money but time to begin with. And that means I can read your updates more often :D xx

    1. I am ashamed it's been 2 months since I posted this challenge but there is only 1 English post T.T Thank you for reading

  2. Hellooo, Ken! Couldn't agree more that the more we practise, the better our English will be. This post is a good start already, can't wait to read more of your English posts!